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Why Choosing an Agency for Your Next Project Is the Better Option

May 30, 2021


At many points during your business, you will come to the crossroads where you must decide whether to hire outside support, perhaps an agency, or whether to dedicate more time and resources to an internal team or effort.


Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, and your choice depends on the project. For example, if you require the development of a mobile app, unless you are a software company or have previous expertise in development, you should likely hire someone else to create this.


This allows you to save time, money, and energy, so it’s well worth investing in. Alongside hiring outside support such as an agency, you may consider hiring your own team to do it yourself, maybe a team of freelancers to partner up with your existing employees.


Once again, this can work. However, you will likely run into some obstacles along the way. Instead, we propose the idea of working with an agency from the beginning, allowing you to save time, focus on other perhaps more important tasks, and most importantly, to ensure the job is complete to the maximum potential.


So, with this in mind, this article will discuss why you should consider choosing an agency for your next project.

What is an agency?

According to AdExchanger, an agency is a strategic partner who helps your business deliver your message. This is done through various processes and tasks, whether social media management, web development, general communications, or SEO optimization.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different agencies out there, with the most popular being digital marketing and creative agencies. These agencies provide a whole host of different services, such as pay-per-click ad campaigns, SEO, social media management, and various other internet services.


Think of hiring an agency like a different business or organization. However, their business goal is to help you instead of focusing on an other, perhaps broader, goal. An agency is pre-built with talent from various sectors and expertise, usually a mix of vetted freelancers or experts in their industry or chosen line of work.


This is why choosing an agency is so appealing to such a wider audience; the talent is already there. Reaching out directly to an agency provides you with the talent and services you need in an instant. This is as opposed to hiring the talent yourself, paying individual wages or fees, or training your in-house team to get the job done.

What about the do-it-yourself approach?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the“do-it-yourself approach.” While this approach looks good on paper, it is generally the less effective option, especially for some tasks in which you or your team do not have expertise in.


However, some tasks you can do by yourself, especially if you’re just starting out and looking to save a little extra money. For example, this could include writing blog posts or managing your social media at the most basic or beginner level.


Far too often, though, many businesses and individuals think they can rule the world alone, that they do not need any outside support whatsoever. However, what usually happens is either they become burnt out, or they overwhelm themselves, trying to learn coding languages, write blog posts, keep up with SEO for their website, and more.


As you can see, the do-it-yourself approach can quite quickly become more of a headache than a money-saving, self-fulfilling concept.


Before starting a project, you should ask yourself the following questions to determine whether you should do it yourself or whether you should hire an agency or other outside support:


●     Can I afford the cost of hiring an agency,/will it break the bank if I do?


●     Do I have expertise or experience in the task I am trying to accomplish?


●     Would I save a large quantity of time outsourcing the task?


●     Are you confident in your own ability to complete the task to a high level?


These questions are just a starting point.However, these should give you a good indicator of whether or not you should be doing a task yourself, or outsourcing it, and bringing on outside support from an agency or other organization.


More often than not, an agency can fulfill many of the current tasks and issues you face - so it’s well worth looking into, at the very least.

What roles can agencies fulfill?

Okay, now that we’ve discussed both agencies and the do-it-yourself approach, let’s talk about the roles agencies can fulfill.


As previously mentioned, the majority of agencies focus on providing digital services, such as SEO and website development.


To provide a real-life example, below you will find the services we at Maximum Labs offer:


●     Website and mobile application development


●     Digital marketing services(pay-per-click ad campaigns, SEO, internet marketing, etc.)


●     Influencer marketing


●     Design services (websites, mobile apps, logos, product packaging, and more)


●     Social media marketing (Instagram, Facebook, and Google)


As you can see, we provide a wide array of different services under the umbrella of a digital and creative agency.Essentially, anything to do with your online presence we can help manage or improve, bettering your experience, and allowing you to receive better web results, too.


We also offer more services, so if there is anything that is not listed or you’re unsure, feel free to contact us - we will be more than happy to assist you.


The following section will discuss more information on choosing an agency over the do-it-yourself approach - the approach many businesses take but ends up biting them in the back.

Why you should choose an agency

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring an agency. However, usually, this comes down to needing either extra help, additional support, or the correct knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Below you will find more reasons why you should hire an agency:


●     Specialist knowledge

●     Save time

●     Improve sales and conversions

●     Perhaps nothing is getting done

●     You can get results much quicker

●     Choosing an agency often means fewer risks

●     Save on office space


Each of these points will now be explained in greater detail.

Specialist knowledge

Digital and creative agencies specialize in various different practices, whether that’s design, SEO, video creation, or more. Like a regular business, you likely do not have the time to learn these tasks. Or, if you do, perhaps don’t have the same creative flair or time to conduct the same job to the best of your ability.


Hiring an agency provides access to specialist knowledge, allowing you to transform your brand and business in no time whatsoever. Think of it like this: virtually all large corporations work alongside an agency, sharing ideas and executing on different tasks and platforms to reach a wider audience with greater meaning.

Save time

The saying “time is money” will never grow old. As a business owner, the more time you spend on time-consuming tasks, especially those you know little to nothing about, the more money you’re potentially wasting (this is because you are trading your money for time).


Bringing in outside help to support your project allows you to save time, leaving the more complicated task to an agency, and allowing you to resume business as usual. This saves you time and allows you to focus on other tasks, perhaps tasks that will, in turn, yield you more money or be more worthwhile at the given moment.

Improve sales and conversions

When working with a talented agency, you will see improved sales and conversions. This is the number one reason businesses hire an agency: to see results. Perhaps recently, the business hasn’t been reaching those goals you set at the beginning of the year.


Alternatively, maybe progress is slow, and you want quicker results. An agency can get these for you, deploying a team of talented individuals with expertise to improve all digital aspects of your business, whether re-branding and optimizing your website, creating new content, or managing your social media accounts.

Perhaps nothing is getting done

Another reason for choosing an agency is perhaps nothing is getting done, you’re falling off task, and the work keeps piling up. And guess what, at the bottom of that pile is SEO, web development, and those tasks you keep putting off.


Hiring an agency allows you to prioritize these tasks while still prioritizing your business, ensuring you don’t fall behind and keeping ahead of the curve. In fact, you’ll begin to see progress, bringing in more business and creating greater scalability for the future.Well, so long as you choose a good digital or creative agency!

You can get results much quicker

Unlike the “do-it-yourself” approach, choosing to work with an agency often means you can get results much quicker. This is made possible thanks to their expertise and often a much larger, and dedicated team.


While you can perform SEO and other web-related-services in house, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it may take longer to get results. And that’s considering that you will get results.


Hiring an agency essentially guarantees an increase in traffic, conversions, and sales (if this is what you’re aiming towards).


When hiring an agency, be sure to discuss your expectations and goals, making these clear from the beginning. This ensures you all remain on the same page, working towards a shared goal and vision.

Choosing an agency often means fewer risks

When you choose to hire an agency, you automatically reduce the number of risks you are likely to encounter. However, why is this the case? This is because agencies have vast experience working with similar businesses and individuals.


Therefore, for them, SEO and other web practices are like clockwork. They know the ins and the outs of the business, how to increase your traffic, what is wrong with your website, and more, and how to improve these.


Working with an agency reduces your risks, while, on the other hand, doing it yourself increasing the number of risks you may encounter. For instance, you could break your website, destroy some code, accidentally edit a theme, or delete valuable content. And that’s not even breaking the ice, there’s many more risks associated with doing it yourself.

Save on office space

Finally, when you work alongside an agency you save on office space. This is a fairly obvious benefit. However, essentially, this allows you to further reduce your overhead without overcrowding your existing space or over-working your current staff.


This is extremely valuable, also enabling you to keep your actual business (e.g. selling carpets, insurance claims, book publishing) separate from the “marketing and SEO” side of the business. This minimizes distractions and ensures all employees can work to the best of their abilities at all times.

Why you shouldn’t workin-house/the do it yourself approach

We have already discussed the do-it-yourself/in-house approach earlier in this article. However, now, we’re going to highlight a few reasons why you should perhaps sway away from this approach, and instead choosing to hire an agency.


The reasons are as follows:


●     Your marketing should not be treated as a part-time gig

●     The cost of some specialist tool scan be expensive

●     Writing can be difficult

●     Time is money…


As previously, these reasons will now be explained in more detail below.

Your marketing should not be treated as a part-time gig

To begin with, many businesses treat their marketing as a part-time gig. Perhaps they dump it on their interns, or worse, spend only a handful of unproductive hours on this each week.


However, you should be treating your marketing as a full-time job, perhaps not requiring the same number of hours, but definitely the same effort, creativity, and flair.


This is why many businesses choose to hire outside support for their marketing, allowing you and your team to focus on the“business” while the digital agency focuses on growing and maintaining your social presence.

The cost of some specialist tool scan be expensive

Second, the cost of some specialist tools can be expensive. For example, the SEO analysis tool, Ahrefs, costs upwards of $100a month for the most basic plan. If you’re not using the tool(s) too often, or not sure how best to use it, then these costs can quite quickly build up.


Instead, when working with an agency, they will already have these tools. And more importantly, will also know how to use these correctly and most effectively.


In summary, although working with an agency can be expensive, you would nonetheless be purchasing the tools anyways if you were to do the job yourself. Therefore, you’ll likely receive greater value having a professional analyze and conduct SEO on your website, as opposed to paying for the subscription yourself and winging your approach to SEO and other web factors.

Writing can be difficult

Many people find writing difficult, and that is okay. An agency, on the other hand, hires specialist writers, not only those who have a natural and conversational flow, but who specialize in SEO, too.This is paramount, allowing you to convey your message while also driving more traffic to your website.


Often, this is where more regular business owners and individuals struggle; creating engaging and informal text while still remaining SEO-friendly and targeting specific keywords and phrases.


If you find writing difficult, or if you do not currently optimize your writing for SEO purposes, then you should consider hiring an agency (or at the very minimum a freelance writer) to help you and your business.

Time is money…

Finally, as aforementioned, time is money. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, however, it’s how we spend these hours that matters. If you spend all of your time trying to learn new skills, perhaps SEO or dissecting tools such as Ahrefs, or SEMrush, you’re only going to get so far.


Instead, although your goal is to improve SEO and to better your digital presence if you spend too much time focusing on this, your business performance may begin to dip ever so slightly.


Time is money: spend time on the tasks which matter the most, and find outside support such as the help from an agency for the tasks you can outsource.

To conclude

Hiring an agency for your next project is the obvious choice; it allows you to save time, money (in the long-run), enables you to receive better results, and overall, is much better.


Nonetheless, your choice of agency is crucial, don’t just choose any agency - make sure they are the right fit for your business.


If you’re ready to start your next project and are currently looking for a digital or creative agency, then look no further.


At Maximum Labs, we can help you, providing various digital services such as SEO, social media management, managing your web presence, general design, and much, much more.


If you would like to get in touch to discuss details, click here.

May 30, 2021